1. When should I book?


The earlier you book, the better chance that you will get the itenary that you deserve at the best possible price. Booking early gives you the advantage of recieving the best activity time slots, best accomadation options and promotions.

We have kept our deposit requirements as low as possible to make it easier to book early and allow changes to group numbers without any penalties until final number confirmation date.

2. Do I Need Exact Numbers to make a booking?

It’s not necessary to have final numbers until 6 weeks before the event. To make this easy for you we only need a rough idea of numbers initially, we can then book up the activities, hotels etc for you based on these figures. We recommend that at the booking stage book for the maximum number you think the group is likely to be – and mates are getting dropped or raised – no problem. As long as you know your numbers 6 weeks in advance it’s easy.

3. How do I book?

To confirm a booking you only need to make a single online payment of £50 and have a rough idea of group size. We can then get everything in place for you. The further in advance you book the greater control you will have over your itinerary.
Within 21 days of placing the £50 deposit we need you to log on to our booking system using your Orgaizer Password and  invite the members of your group to log onto our Online Payment System and make their payment of £25 to confirm their place. The full balance is required 42 days prior to the weekend. All the lads can log on to the online payment page and pay individually at any time before this date. If your numbers change prior to this you do not have to pay for the people who have dropped out.
We hope this will help you to book early for the best chance of ensuring your choices are available.

4. What happens after the deposit is paid?

Your program is reconfirmed and guaranteed! Now it’s time for you to relax and we’ll start coordinating the administration and preparing all the behind-the-scenes planning for a fantastic event. Your weekend pack is prepared and made ready to send out once balance payment is received. All you’ve got to do now is keep on top of the numbers.

5. When is the balance due?

Final payment is 6 weeks prior to your event weekend date. This date will be detailed on the confirmation of booking and reminder emails will be sent automatically to all group members the week before final payment is due.

6. How do I pay the balance for my booking?

Each individual group member uses the group password to access the online payment page and follow the simple payment instructions to pay his share of the overall cost.
If you want, you can choose to pay the 50% of the balance in cash (GBP) on the first day of your arrival, if the package allows doing that.

7. Do I get a receipt?

Yes you get a deposit payment email and a balance payment email detailing exactly what you have paid for, so it is all totally clear with no small print!

8. Can I make changes if I need to?

Yes indeed, we’re here to serve. Your own personal account manager will work with you to ensure your stag weekend is just as you want it, if you find you have to make changes there are usually no problem as long as we have enough notice.
Remember! Final group numbers have to be confirmed within 21 days of placing the deposit.

9. What happens if I change my booking?

Changes are free until confirmation of numbers by the payment of the entire group member. Please email us or call us for changes. Please note: after the changes are applied to your booking, your quoted price will be recalculated based on current prices on our website on the date your changes are confirmed.
If you would like to make additions (activities, days) to your bookings after your deposit has been paid and numbers had been confirmed, please email us.
Please note: after the additions are applied to your booking, your total price will be recalculated based on current prices on our website on the date your changes are confirmed.

10. What happens if numbers change out of 21 day after placing 25£ deposit?

Our company operates a flexible policy in respect of number changes. If you change numbers after 21 days after placing 50£ deposit – charges may apply. So the rule is to confirm numbers within 21 days of placing the 50£ deposit. But don’t worry; we can always add people later on (availability allowing).

11. Some of the guys can’t make the full weekend, what happens here?

If some of the guys can’t make the full weekend let us know and we will re-price the package for them so they only pay for what they are participating in.

12. Can I adjust the packages to suit my requirements?

Yes, of course? Just go through our “create your own” service and get a quote for your individually arranged package. All standard packages are flexible so just let us know what you want and we can advise on any price adjustments and make sure that your choices are compatible.
If you decide you only want the activities let us know and we can provide you a price for this without accommodation.
We are as flexible as you need us to be.

13. What if I have to cancel? What are your cancellation fees, terms and conditions?

Cancellations are free until we receive a bank confirmation of payment of deposit.
There is no penalty for number changes prior to the stated date of the confirmation payment (£25) for each group member confirm their place; except for cancellation in full of a booking or a reduction in numbers to fewer than 8.
Cancellations made more than 42 days before your arrival: full refund minus booking deposit.
Cancellations made 42 – 29 days before your arrival: 50 % of total booking value.
Cancellations Less than 28 days from date of your arrival or after arrival: full amount will be collected (100 % of total booking value)

14. Should we get insurance?

Yes definitely. If you have your own insurance policy check that it covers you for everything that you’re doing.
Get yourself insured and pay particular attention to international guidelines. As you know things can be done very differently abroad, even in EU count

15. What are the hotels like?

We use only city centre hotels. All of our hotel pricing’s are based on 3* centrally located hotels (10-15 minutes walk to the city centre or local nightlife area) and a twin or triple room sharing basis. It is our aim to provide the best value for money possible for hotel accommodation. Each hotel has been individually selected on the basis of location, security, cleanliness and service. We continuously update our selection based on past groups’ experiences and on new hotel entrants to the market. We have a number of specially negotiated rates with national and regional hotel groups that make this possible. English breakfast is served each morning and each room has en-suite bathroom facilities.

16. Are flights included?

Sorry, we do not arrange flights as we cannot offer our customers any financial advantage in doing this.
Try www.skyscanner.net for a good round up of budget airlines.
You will need to make payment direct to the airline in question to book your flights.
We are ground specialists and our airline partners, such as skyscanner.net do it better.
See you at the airport with drink on arrival!

17. Can I book my trip for extra days?

You can come and stay for as long as you like.

18. What time do the activities start?

It’s up to you. Ideally we try to get the activities started at around mid-day onwards, unless otherwise requested. The further in advance you book the greater flexibility you will have in terms of getting the time-slots you want. It is clear, that you will not appreciate to go paintball shooting at 9:00 am after a tipsy night.

19. Do I have to have the stag weekend on set days?

We can run the package you have selected on any days you wish. It does not have to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For the overseas locations flights can be cheaper if you use weekdays to fly out/return.
Remember: You can arrange your trip for any time of the week.

20. Will we get stuck with other stag tours?

100% not! You will always get your personal guide for any activity that you book with us.

21. How many people can I bring? Is there a minimum/maximum?

In general minimum group size is between 6-8 people, but if this size drops under 6, the cost per person may increase. There is no maximum group size. You can ask for a discount case if in your group is more, than 20 people.

22. Are there any rules and regulations you should be aware of?

Yes, please see our terms and conditions.

23. Why should I bother using your company? I can just do it myself.

There’s no reason which prohibits you to do it yourself. But you have to understand, that DIY way has its minuses, risks and as a result you probably will not get any advantages except of wasted time and money. Suppliers aren’t always reliable as they tell they are. Your “centrally located hotel” can be a fleabag on the outskirts of town. Cabbies can rip you off just as well as randomly chosen bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and lap dancing places. Lots of places can make you run out of cash for having a few beers.
We’ve seen it all! Our company has more than 8 years of experience here and have successfully organized over 20, 000 stag parties (more than 250,000 guys) in various locations all over the world. We now the needs of our customers, just as well as the ways, how to satisfy them. Our top quality service is based on experience and accurately chosen suppliers.
By booking with us you get exclusive rates and offers that beat or match virtually all others. Exceeding your expectations is extremely important to us!