Riga is one of the most ideal cities for stag weekends in all of Europe. Not only is it home to extremely exciting activities (such as the free fall simulator), but it is also a major nightlife hub. Riga pulls in more stag weekends than any other city in mainland Europe. Why? Cheap flights, cheap drinks, high quality night clubs, thrilling activities (fancy firing an AK-47, riding in a bobsleigh, ogling a stripper in your hotel reception?) are just some of the many reasons that wedding parties are drawn into this stag weekend haven.

In Riga, we have better contacts than any other stag company, meaning we can sort out just about anything to make your weekend in Riga extra special. Get your stag kidnapped by a group of just-for-fun kidnappers, have a beautiful local escort to give you a tour of the city, or we can merely advise you the best club to mark the groom-to-be’s very last night of freedom! Whatever you need, we’ve got it, your keys to the Riga stag do of your dreams.

Did you know? Riga has one of the biggest swings in temperature between summer and winter in Europe.